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Have a script
Because prospects have much less patience over the phone than in person, you need to have a script for telemarketing. Every telemarketer needs specific instructions on how to begin, conduct, and end each call. Try different scripts. Measure which script works best, then make sure that the telemarketers stick to it.

Get to the point
The most important part of the call is the beginning. You need to create some interest in the prospect's mind and assure him or her that you are not going to take up a lot of time. You also need to qualify your prospect and determine whether or not he or she is someone you should spend time with. This is why it is so important to have a script and to carefully evaluate its effectiveness.

Keep it sounding natural
Ironically, while it is important to have a script, it is just as important for callers to sound like they aren't reading from one. Prospects are less likely to have patience or engage in conversations with callers that sound as though they are delivering "canned" presentations.

Keys to making a script sound natural are

* Don't read too fast
* Use natural and appropriate emphasis on key words
* Avoid speaking in a monotone
* Pause slightly at the end of each sentence
* Sound genuinely interested in the prospect's questions, concerns, or objections

Make lots of calls
Even more so than in-person selling, telemarketing is a numbers game. No matter how good you are on each call, you're not going to sell to everyone. How many calls you make will make a big difference in your success. A super-aggressive telemarketer may reach as many as 150 decision makers in a single day. A less aggressive telemarketer may only reach 20. Which one do you think will make more sales?

Keep it short
While you should encourage your telemarketers to build a rapport with their targets, this shouldn't take all day. Track the phone calls your telemarketers make to determine what length of time per phone call, on average, is ideal for qualifying, presenting, and closing a sale with a customer. Have your telemarketers try to stick to this ideal time frame.

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  1. # Anonymous Ethical Telemarketing Company

    "A super-aggressive telemarketer may reach as many as 150 decision makers in a single day. A less aggressive telemarketer may only reach 20. Which one do you think will make more sales?"

    Who wants to do business with a super aggressive telemarketer?

    A more personal human, ethical approach works much better! Would you agree?  

  2. # Anonymous Andrew Seaward

    Scripts are vital. This doesn't mean you necessarily need to read it as a script, but you should at least have a set of words - ready in your head.

    And a professional telemarketer will start any outbound call with 3 things in the first sentence : your name, the name of your company or organisation and a brief explanation of what the call is about. This sets your stall out, and you will get far more from the other person if they understand the context for your call.  

  3. # Anonymous Virtual Assistants Service

    A 20 quality calls is the better than 150 calls. They are not machine anyway. If it is happen in a company. Making 150 calls is like spam calls already.  

  4. # Anonymous UK Telemarketing

    As highlighted in the article, it is a fine line that a skilled telemarketer has to follow in being fast and assertive, while also uilding some level of rapport.

    People say that natural communicators are born, not made - but in my experience good training makes a huge difference.  

  5. # Anonymous

    Every telemarketer should keep in mind that it's not about the quantity of calls that he makes in a day but the quality that counts.  

  6. # Anonymous BasePlus Telemarketing

    The key is to try to build a rapport with the customer while at the same time not loosing focus on the point that you are trying to get across. Having a basic script to follow will help here.  

  7. # Anonymous Clara James

    Let me tell you something from my experience. First, one must have script to present the product in front of customer on phone but remember change the wording and pitch of the sound according to the response of the customer. secondly do not read the script in a way as you are reading news paper or your school home work.Third you must have full product knowledge while you are promoting your product, lack of information at one point can get away the sale from your hand.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    A detailed study has been done on telemarketing.thanks a lot for posting the article.many telemarketers provide great services.we work for an outbound telemarketing services which also gives,the best services to its customers.

    your article on "telemarketing advice" is well written.many thanks.  

  9. # Anonymous Alexander

    Liked the blog. I have my own company and telemarketers helped a lot.  

  10. # Anonymous Telemarketing Leads

    Your success in cold call telemarketing does not have to mean that you have to be the best in the business to experience success. You can do just fine, plugging away and using some basic tools and techniques to increase your income.

    Thumbs up for your article. Thanks!  

  11. # Blogger Sarah Brown

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  12. # Blogger Sarah Brown

    Hi Adrian,

    Your tips are very helpful but I want to point out something in "make lots of calls" part. I don't think being a super-aggressive telemarketer reaching as many as 150 decision makers are necessary. I agree with one of the comments here that 20 quality calls is better than 150. I know it's beneficial to the company if you make many calls but quality is still what matters most.

    And I just want to add that having enthusiasm is essential to every telemarketer. These tips may not work if a telemarketer doesn't show any interest in what he/she is doing and/or what he/she is offering, and that correlates with knowing what your product is. Proper training and advance education should be rolled out to every agents.

    Here's one example of b2b telemarketing company that I found interesting, you might find it helpful.  

  13. # Blogger Mark

    For a provider of online answering services to succeed in its specialty - be it telemarketing, customer support, RSVP services, or technical support - representatives should always be equipped with all the necessary tools and information that they'll use in conducting business. Let's remember that they serve as the frontline of the company they represent, and therefore connection with their callers should always be established.  

  14. # Anonymous James

    I agree with the comments here, quality is better than quantity. If you can make 20 quality calls that turns to quality leads rather than 150 unqualified calls, I'd go for the 20 calls any day.  

  15. # Anonymous Kyla Jane

    I agree with your tips, but can a normal agent make 150 calls a day? That is very possible, but, like what you said, keep it natural, its not natural to make such calls. I think 20 calls are enough, if you communicate well with clients, all 20 can be closed, the key requirement for a good sale is acquiring good communication skills.  

  16. # Anonymous Outbound Telemarketing

    The best way to be effective is to keep smiling and keep dialing.

    There are too many people in the game now that think you can just read a script (Hating it the whole time) and be effective. The people on the other end can and will pick up on this.

    The reason cold calling gets a bad rap is many people do it with out their heart in it.

    To be an effective cold caller you must be friendly, outgoing, assertive, and helpful.

    In "Cold Calling" you must always bring you’re "A" game.
    You also must believe in your self and your ability to help. They will then listen.  

  17. # Blogger Abe

    I agree with what others say that making 20 calls is better than making 150 calls. All that matters in a call center is the quality of calls their agents do to relay the information. One may call a lot, but would his/her potential customers understand it? Quality should always be kept in mind.  

  18. # Blogger Ashley

    I totally agree with what you've said in the article, that the most important part in a call is that you have to create an interesting beginning to assure your customer that it's worth the time to listen to you. Be patient and increase your energy while talking to them.

    By the way, interesting article. Hoping to read more of this topic soon.


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  19. # Anonymous Saelgerne ApS

    I prefer to tell my sales reps that telemarketing scrips are good in the learning fase of a product. Working in the telemarketing outsourcing industry, I know how vital it is that your sales reps accumulate knowledge fast i on order to stimulate the conversion rate.

    That being said, I always tell my sales reps to throw away the pitch after a few days. I believe that better results are gained through improvision.

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  20. # Anonymous Adrian Smith

    Even though how many calls you had per day as long as it has quality. The important is on how you deal to convince the customers.  

  21. # Anonymous Althea Ferrer

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  22. # Anonymous Alice Clark

    Telemarketing is one of the most disliked tasks as voted by small business owners. However, with the right frame of mind it needn’t be. Don’t think of a ‘no’ as rejection – much better that the prospective customers says that now than misleading you only to say no later down the line. Think of it as their loss rather than yours.  

  23. # Anonymous Isabella Johnson

    Having an advice in telemarketing you must know the purpose of the call and more importantly. Always be able to get a firm commitment from the prospective customer so strive to achieve a minimum achievement from each call.Remember that you can always plant a seed for the future, telling the prospect that if they ever encounter a certain problem they should give you a call and you’ll sort it out.  

  24. # Anonymous Harvinder Kaur


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  25. # Anonymous Appointment Setting

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  26. # Anonymous Steve

    I agree that small number of quality calls bested a larger number but with poor results. What companies need now is not merely the business contact information of the sales lead. More importantly, firms necessitate guaranteed qualified appointments.  

  27. # Blogger Telemarketing

    I don't completely agree that you should have a script for telemarketing. I do however think that it's important to have information such as key benefits, product information etc. that can be used to refer to when undertaking a cold call.

    Admittedly there will always be an element of scripted conversations especially with the call introduction, but I feel a good telemarketer should be able to engage in conversation and think on their feet.  

  28. # Blogger Finella

    Thanks for the tips, I'm about to start my first job in telemarketing in Milton Keynes and I'm quite nervous about it. I somehow managed to stumble my way through the interview and tests but I've still got butterflies about starting next week, which is why I'm trying to do as much research as I can to try to calm myself. Fingers crossed it all goes well!  

  29. # Anonymous Nelson

    The post on telemarketing is very informative and interesting to read, thanks for sharing....

  30. # Anonymous sherri wright

    like it... i expect more informative post from you..  

  31. # Anonymous telemarketing services

    A telemarketing script is a good way to get down the opening introduction and as a trigger point for doscivery questions. However scripts should not be read verbatim or they can start to sound a little contrived. This is where the skill of the telemarketing caller come into play. They need to actively listen for clues and steer the conversation down appropriate paths  

  32. # Blogger Nani Eng

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  33. # Blogger Humaun Kabir

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  38. # Blogger sam dns

    Lead generation is a challenging task for all the telemarketing companies. I am completely agreed with your explanation. In a telemarketing calling, the matter is how you say or talking to your customer. On a phone talk just try to make relationship with your good behavior.  

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