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Found This Test at Tony Wilkins blog and i beleive is one of the best in order to reconsider your attitude in phone sales.

Here is the full test :

A. What are the three parts of a phone presentation

B. In which part of the presentation do you begin probing?

C. When making a cold call to a business whom do you ask to speak with and why?

D. What is the best response to “what are you calling in reference to”?

E. A prospect says I’m not interested in your product /service. What is your next response or reply? And Why?

F. A prospect calls in and says they want to purchase one of your other products/services they are a current client. Name one question you would ask.

G. You have sent an e-mail or dm piece to a prospect. What is your next move?

H. You have sent an e-mail or dm piece to a prospect. How soon should you follow up with the prospect A.1 week B. 1 month C. 3 months D.6 months

I. You are following up with the prospect after having sent literature. Name 3 questions you would ask them

J. The prospect has stated that they may be interested in other products within the next 90 days. Do you… A. Call them back at a later date. B. send them literature and call back in a month. C. Ask when they’d like to begin the process to determine their priority and set an appointment. D. None of the above.

K. The customer has one of your products/services but hasn’t signed up for other services and you’d like to cross sell them. Name one way to get the customer interested in other services…

L. You’re making cold calls to a new prospect. Do you tell them about your products and services A. At the beginning of the call B. Middle of the call C. End of the call.

M. You have spoken with a prospect/customer about your product service and set an appointment. But they don’t show up for the appointment. Name two reasons they blew off the appointment

After answering all those questions i saw i wasn't flawless :) There is still a lot of improvement to do. Always it is.

P.S. I have anouther blog in Romanian about public speaking and success. Check it out : Succes dublu

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