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You should never minimize the importance of your voice when you make a phone call. If you want to be the best you have to cultivate your voice as an actor or a singer does. Your voice is the only bondage between you and listener in telemarketing. And Telemarketing Services means excatly this : Your VOICE si very important

I’ll give you here some exercises that change everything you’ve heard before about telemarketing calls.

Like an actor or an athlete, you must psyche yourself up before each important call or presentation.

Doing this is essential to get your voice sounding powerful, persuasive and in control

Each feeling you'd like to convey has a corresponding:
1. Key word
2. Mental image
3. Body language

Let's say you wanted to sound warm and friendly over the phone.
1. Key Word: words which help you access a warm, friendly feeling e.g. "tender", "sunshine", "smile".
Repeat to get yourself in the mood. Telemarketing Sales is Reapeating, Repeating, Repeating

2. Mental Image: e.g. visualize holding an infant, greeting a dear friend, hugging a cherished family member. Make it bright and strong in your mind.

3. Body Language: The fastest way to change the sound of your voice is to change your physiology. A smile on your face puts a smile in your voice. Energetic, expressive body language will add more energy and vitality to your speech. Make your body language BIG.

To sound more authoritative try these:
1. Key Words: "power", "strong", "firm".

2. Mental Image: Imagine yourself in a uniform commanding the troops. Or see yourself teaching a class to a rapt audience. Imagine them on the edge of their seats, hanging on your every word. Visualize giving a presentation in a board room. See yourself as calm, centered and in-control.

3. Body Language: Stand up! Erect posture. Strong hand gestures. Firm gaze. The key to an authoritative voice is good eye contact. This is important. When speaking on the phone don't let your eyes wander. If you are alone in the room, fix your gaze on the eyes of a person in a photograph or magazine. This technique may sound a little strange, but it really works!

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20 Responses to “28th Telemarketing Lead - Voice Exercises”

  1. # Blogger Abe

    This has been one of the best telemarketing tips that I've read. I'll certainly show these tips to my sister who is a full-time call center agent. Thanks for posting!  

  2. # Anonymous Belinda Summers

    Being a call center agent the quality of voice is very important. When you are working of that kind of business you need to show how you practice and developed the range of your voice.Because voice is the capital of all kind of businesses in this world. Usually voice and telemarketing leads is the best asset to level up or to be successful.  

  3. # Anonymous Isabella Johnson

    Another important aspect covered on our telemarketing tip sheet is to understand that your voice is your personality over the telephone. It makes an immediate impression that can portray you as friendly or distant, confident or timid, spontaneous or mechanical, relaxed or nervous.  

  4. # Anonymous Alice Clark

    Learning how to deepen your voice needs knowing how the voice is produced and dealing with the primary causes of having a high-pitched voice. When speaking, air passes through the windpipe from the lungs. This air causes the vocal cords to tremble and produce sound, which comes out of the mouth.  

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