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You probably may say a phone call has a beginning, a middle and an end and you are certainly right but let me tell you that if you make a business phone call you have to prepare for it. There are people who hate being constrained by rules, pitches structures. They want to feel the conversation, to use the power of improvisation and moment inspiration. They are so confident in their own creative skill that they feel they have no need of structure. I am one of them . The result of lack of preparation is failure. I’ve experienced that many times that I finally decided to have a pitch before my eyes every time I make a phone call. The only disadvantage of pitch and structured conversations is that you have to enter the role and sound very natural. And you’ll be natural, aren’t you?

Here are some strategies to improve communication and control the flow of conversation:

1. clarify your objective
2. structure your thinking
3. manage your time
4. find common ground
5. Move beyond argument
6. Summarize often
7. Use visuals (stories or picture something in words that he can imagine)

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