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Making phone calls
Bear in mind the following when a call has to be made:

• Take the initiative in making calls:
Where a call has to be made, make it. Leaving it waiting just builds stress if it is unpleasant or difficult.
• Don't make a call very early or very late:
Give the person you are talking to a chance to get a coffee and settle in before you ring them. Don't take up peoples time when they want to leave the office.
• If calls are administrative, delegate them:
It may be possible to delegate calls arranging times for meetings, finding out addresses, etc. to assistants. You should, however, be careful not to give the impression that you are playing power games.
• If you get an answering machine, ring off and ring back:
If you are not prepared for an answering machine, you can sound stilted and off-balance talking into one. It is much better to hang up, prepare a message, and then deliver it smoothly.
• Don't harass people:
If someone is doing a job for you, don't ring them every few hours to find out how it is going. This is irritating and stressful, and slows achievement of the job.

If you have no qualifications, no talent, no skills, no imagination, you could become a telemarketer. The only attributes a telemarketer needs are:

1. A phone

2. A friendly manner (optional in some circumstances)

3. The ability to memorise and recite a script

4. The ability to tell anything in a convincing way.

5. A conscience on psychopath level

6. An inner radar enabling you to identify the least convenient time to phone people

7. the ability to talk for a long time without pause

8. Tenacity

9. A thick skin.

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