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If you have no qualifications, no talent, no skills, no imagination, you could become a telemarketer. The only attributes a telemarketer needs are:

1. A phone

2. A friendly manner (optional in some circumstances)

3. The ability to memorise and recite a script

4. The ability to tell anything in a convincing way.

5. A conscience on psychopath level

6. An inner radar enabling you to identify the least convenient time to phone people

7. the ability to talk for a long time without pause

8. Tenacity

9. A thick skin.

22 Responses to “5th Telemarketing Lead - Required Attributes”

  1. # Blogger necromanc

    You can start a series of "How to" develop this - "Required Attributes"  

  2. # Blogger Adrian

    Good idea! i had somthing in my mind!  

  3. # Anonymous Alice Clark

    Telemarketing can be a challenging job. Telemarketers or call agents must develop a rapport with complete strangers while effectively explaining products or programs and gaining trust. Some telemarketers must solicit donations or sell services. In many respects, this career is a sales position. But because there is no face-to-face contact, telemarketers must have adequate speaking skills to properly communicate with potential clients. Some telemarketers have gained a reputation for being pests or being outright rude.  

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