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There are several reasons why closing may be difficult. First of all, there is the salesperson’s natural fear of rejection. Another obstacle is the fear of failure on the part of the customer, including fear of purchasing the wrong article or paying too much. Never tell the prospect he is wrong or argue with him Don’t express your opinions to a prospect on subjects of a personal nature, religion, politics, labor unions, health, family and so on. Don’t ever knock the
competition. Don’t ever make promises you can’t keep, and don’t ever engage in overselling, or saying that the product can do something it cannot do. Negative prejudgment — deciding in advance that the person is not going to buy — saps your enthusiasm. Nothing will kill a sale faster than lack of enthusiasm.

You have here some questions to test yourself before closing

1. Do I recognize and take advantage of signals that indicate the prospect is ready to buy?

2. Do I plan detailed, word-for-word closings in advance of my sales presentation?

3. Do I understand how emotional and stressful a buying decision can be?

4. Do I argue with prospects and tell them why they are wrong?

5. Do I make promises about the product that I cannot keep or oversell by saying it will do something it will not do?

6. Do I express my opinions about religion or politics or discuss personal problems with customers?

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