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There are two major obstacles in telemarketing selling . The first obstacle is the customer’s fear of making a mistake. The second major obstacle in telemarketing system selling is the salesperson’s fear of rejection. Until a salesperson develops confidence, a high self-concept and sufficient resilience to bounce back from inevitable rejection, he cannot sell successfully. All outstanding salespersons have reached the point where they no longer fear rejection. Sales are usually based on friendship. People will not buy from you until they are genuinely convinced that you are their friend and are acting in their best interest.

The most important thing we have to understand in the world of telemarketing system selling is that nothing happens until the sale takes place. The most successful organizations in the world have superb selling organizations. They rise or fall on the quality of their sales effort. We can be proud to be salespeople because it is upon our efforts that the whole economy floats. There is no limit to where we can go in this profession if we are properly trained and skilled in selling.

In selling, and telemarketing selling the 80-20 rule, prevails. According to the 80-20 rule, 80 percent of sales are made by 20 percent of the salespeople. Once you get into the top 20 percent, you don’t have to worry about money or employment again. Your job is to get into the top 20 percent and then into the top 4 percent. In the top 4 percent, you become one of the highest paid
people in the world.

There is a direct relationship between your level of self-esteem and how well you get along with different people. The best salespeople have a natural ability to make friends easily with perspective customers. A key element in selling is enthusiasm. A sale is a transfer of your enthusiasm about the product or service into the mind and heart of the other person.

The reason so many people fail in sales is that they do not stay with it long enough to get those first few winning experiences that raise their self-esteem and self-concept and set them off on a successful career in telemarketing selling. That’s why it’s so important that from the very
beginning you say to yourself that nothing is going to stop you until you are successful.

Selling is an inner game. That is, what is going on inside the mind of the salesperson makes all the
difference in his success. We know there is a direct relationship between a salesperson’s self-concept and his sales performance and effectiveness. We feel uncomfortable if we don’t act in accordance with our self-concept. We will never earn much more or much less than our self-concept level of income. Our job is to raise this self-concept level of income.

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    Telemarketing is a difficulty thing. One of the most important things in telemarketing is motivation. Someone has to want to do the job. The overall motivation will determine how they speak to people. Speaking is a skill, and there are techniques that can be applied to speaking that will help anyone become a successful telemarketer.  

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