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If you are the kind of person which prefers spontaneity and intuition I have a good scheme for you
  1. Make yourself accepted
  2. Make the listener be interested
  3. Ask good questions
  4. Summarize and verify
  5. Prepare to close
  6. Sell the RESULTS and CLOSE
• Introduce yourself in a polite and business like manner
• Always control the conversation by the professional use of well thought out questions, some of which will be based on information gleaned in the reconnaissance stage
• Avoid being the one that is doing the “talking”
• Always move in the direction of “when” the meeting will be held rather than “if” it will be held
• When asking for the prospect to agree to a meeting, always offer them the choice of two alternative times, rather than suggesting only one which gives them more chance of saying “no”
• Never simply say “I would like to come out and see you when would be a good time?”
• Something more like “I have a need to be near your office on Thursday around lunch time would it be more convenient to get a few minutes with you just before or just after that, could I suggest 11.30 or would 1.15 be more convenient?”
• Remember people “buy” benefits. Have some of your relevant benefits at the ready if you need them.

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